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Mag. Lucia Hulková

Scientific Interests

  • Funerary and settlement archaeology of Ancient Egypt
  • The Second Intermediate Period to New Kingdom in Egypt
  • Material culture studies
  • Application of Natural Science methods in archaeology

Academic Career

Since 2015

PhD student at the Institute for Egyptology at the University of Vienna with the title Tell el-Retaba in Wadi Tumilat during the Second Intermediate Period – Relationship with the contemporary environment in the northeastern Nile Delta and in Syria-Palestine


M.A. in Egyptology with distinction, University of Vienna


Since 2014

Reviewer for the journal Prague Egyptological Studies (czech edition)

Papers of the last 3 years


Second Intermediate Period in Tell el-Retaba: New insights into the history of Wadi Tumilat, Delta and Sinai 2. Current Research, The Department of Egyptian and Near Eastern Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Kraków, 29. September – 1. October 2016 ).

The Second Intermediate Period in Wadi Tumilat: Settlement and Cemetery at Tell el-Retaba (poster), 10th International Conference for the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, ÖAW (Vienna, 25.–29. April 2016).


Cultural and Chronological Boundaries: The Hyksos Graves of Tell el-Retaba, Current Research in Egyptology XIV, March 19–22, 2013, Cambridge

Preliminary Report on Some Hyksos Graves of Tell el-Retaba, Delta and Sinai. Current Research, April 25–27, 2013, Warsaw (together with Mustafa Nour ed‑Din and Alena Šefčáková)

Current Publications


Together with V. Dubcová, Tell el-Retábí – život sídliska a pevnosti vo Wádí Tumilát (Tell el-Retaba – Life of a Settlement and Fortress in Wadi Tumilat), Pražské egyptologické studie (Prague Egyptological Studies) XVI (2016), 7–19.

Together with M. Nour el-Din, A. Šefčáková, J. Hudec, A. Wodzińska, Egyptian Mission Rescue Excavations in Tell el-Retaba, Part 2: The Second Intermediate Period Cemetery, Ägypten & Levante XXVI (2016), in press

Together with S. Rzepka, J. Hudec, Ł. Jarmużek, V. Dubcová with appendix by C. Malleson, Tell el-Retaba, season 2012, Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 24/1 (Research) (2015), 139–163.


Together with S. Rzepka, J. Hudec, Ł. Jarmużek , V. Dubcová, M. Odler, A. Wodzińska, J. Trzciński, A. Šefčáková, P. Sójka, E. Fulajtár, M. Černý, J. Tirpák, From Hyksos Settlers to Ottoman Pipe Smokers, Tell el-Retaba 2014, Ägypten & Levane XXV (2015), 97–168


Together with S. Rzepka, J.Hudec, A.Wodzińska, Ł. Jarmużek, V. Dubcová, M. Piorun, Tell el-Retaba from the Second Intermediate Period till the Late Period, Results of the Polish-Slovak Archaeological Mission, Seasons 2011–2012, Ägypten & Levante XXIV (2014), 39–120.

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