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The definition of research initiatives within OREA is as follows:

Research groups

Innovative research on different priorities within OREA is focused in research groups – across regions, period independently/diachronic – according to the respective topic. The development of research groups was directly coupled to the structure of the new institute and led to a fundamentally new research structure. They are the most important groups within OREA in order to carry out successful international and interdisciplinary research in a structured team framework, which also specifically integrates and promotes young researchers. The groups are constantly evolving as a dynamic element and initiated to set new impulses in the research landscape. They are implemented for a limited period and have to undergo evaluation according to recognized quality assurance criteria.

Long-Term research

Traditional research priorities can be bundled in the form of long-term research projects. This relates primarily to long-term commitments to editions, publication of old excavations material etc. The Urnfield Culture Networks are OREA’s highly successfully evaluated long-term research project (international evaluation spring/summer 2015).


A platform provides the ability to merge individual studies from different research groups on a particular topic when required, and to network with other institutions within and outside of the Academy.