Supporting Women in Science – it works!

The OREA institute has focused on supporting female scientists from the day of its formation in 2013 onwards. Career mentoring for senior scientists and strategies to promote young scholars have been established as systematic management tools and gender relevant actions have been introduced throughout the last five years. Continuous engagement and employment in excellence grants and renowned scholarships have already had a strong impact on female archaeologists’ visibility and scholarly careers at OREA. A substantial number of highly competitive grants based at OREA was awarded to female researchers (3 out of 4 Start Prices by the FWF. The Austrian Science Fund, and 3 out of 5 ERC grants). Additionally, gender balanced boards were successfully installed, including the institute’s group leaders, the institute’s Scientific Advisory Board and the board of the journal Archaeologia Austriaca.

The 5-years program of promoting female scientists succeeded in 49 female employees in our current team:
the Director, 5 Group Leaders, 1 Senior Research Associate, 1 Research Associate, 4 Senior Staff Scientists, 16 Postdocs, 9 PhD Students, 2 Research Assistants, 3 Diploma Students, 2 Senior Staff Administration, 1 Senior Staff Graphicist, 1 Scientific Editor, 1 Scientific Editing Assistant, 1 Events and Editing Assistant, 1 Technical Assistant Graphics, 1 Apprentice, 2 Administration ERC.

OREA is proud to report that continuous efforts and dedication, as well as strategic actions, have been successful, evident from the gender balance of more than 60% female employees in the OREA team!