Lyndelle Webster

BSc, BEng, MA, MRes

+43 1 51581-6107

Short Biography

Studied Physics and Engineering (Australian National University, 2005 and the University of Melbourne, 2007; both 1st class hons). Completed masters studies in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology at Tel Aviv University (MA, Summa Cum Laude, 2015) and Macquarie University (MRes, 2016). She is currently a member of the START project, “Tracing Transformations in the southern Levant from collapse to consolidation in the mid-second millennium BC“, with PhD studies at the University of Vienna and Macquarie University.

Research Interests

  • Chronology, radiocarbon dating and Bayesian statistics
  • Archaeology of the Levant during the Bronze and Iron Ages
  • Ancient water systems




  • (together with O. Sergi, O. Lipschits, Q. Hua, G. Jacobsen, Y. Gadot, Preliminary radiocarbon results for Late Bronze Age strata at Tel Azekah and their implications. (Radiocarbon Journal).


  • (together with S. B. O’Byrne), A. F. Houwing) Determination of temperature distributions in air using a Scanning Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser. In: Z. Alwahabi, B. Dally, P. Kalt, G. Nathan, C. Wong (eds.), Proceedings of the 4th Australian Conference on Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics and Combustion, University of Adelaide, School of Mechanical Engineering, Adelaide.

Detailed Biography

Detailed Biography


  • 2016
    Tel Aviv University.
 MA (Archaeology and History of the Land of the Bible). Summa Cum Laude.
  • 2015
    Macquarie University. MRes (Ancient History). Thesis: Development of a Radiocarbon-based chronology for Tel Azekah: the first stage (supervision: Y. Tristant, Y. Gadot)
  • 2007
    University of Melbourne. BEng (Civil), 1st class
  • 2005
    Australian National University. 
BSc (Physics), 1st class honours.


Scholarships & Awards

  • 2017
    ASOR Heritage Excavation Fellowship
    PhD funding within the START-project of Dr Felix Höflmayer (FWF project No. Y-932)
  • 2016
    ANSTO research grant (10344) for radiocarbon dating
    Wenkart Foundation research grant
    Wolf Family Scholarship
    Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship
  • 2015
    AINSE Post Graduate Research Award for radiocarbon dating
    Sir Asher Joel Scholarship
    MQU Research Training Pathway Scholarship
  • 2013
    Tel Aviv University Institute of Archaeology Scholarship
  • 2010
    Nomination, Consult Australia Future Leaders Award
  • 2007
    Hydraulic Engineering Graduates' Prize

  • 2005
    The Australian National University Honours Scholarship
  • 2002
    ANUTECH Engineering Scholarship
  • 2001
    Australian National University Women in Engineering Scholarship


Field Experience

  • 2017
    Tandy Excavation Project at Tel Gezer (Israel): Radiocarbon dating specialist
  • 2016, 2015
    Lautenschläger Tel Azekah Expedition (Israel): Assistant area supervisor, radiocarbon dating specialist
  • 2014
    Tel Megiddo Expedition (Israel)
    Central Timna Valley Project (Israel)
  • 2012
    Tel es-Safi Expedition (Israel)



  • American Schools of Oriental Research
  • Deutsche Wasser historische Gesellschaft

Presented Papers

Presented Papers

Recent Lectures


  • Tel Gezer Excavation field school, Israel: Introduction to radiocarbon dating (07.06.2017).
  • Late Bronze Age Chronology and Connections in the Eastern Mediterranean, conference at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna: Tel Azekah: Radiocarbon evidence from MB III and LB IIA-III (11.05.2017)
  • Macquarie University Ancient History Department seminar, Sydney: Dating the Late Bronze Age Shephelah: Initial radiocarbon results from Tel Azekah (10.03.2017)