23. May 2019 – 24. May 2019

UK-Gespräche: Bronze Age Metallurgy

Production – Consumption – Exchange

The annual panel UK-Gespräche – “Get Together” will in this year focus on the metallurgy of the Middle and Late Bronze Age in the area of the Urnfield Culture and contemporary cultural phenomena in Europe. Starting from the ongoing project “Bronze Age metallurgy in western and central Balkans“ of the host institute OREA in cooperation with the Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS) of the University Vienna, the aim of the workshop is to pool experts working on different aspects of copper mining and copper metallurgy, including ore processing, casting, distribution of raw metals and ingots as well as use and function of the metal objects. A special interest lies on the social and environmental impact of metallurgical activities. Furthermore the establishment of relations between Bronze Age communities based on the exchange of raw material and metal products is in the focus.

The program of the workshop will include a wide range of regional studies as well as region-spanning contributions dealing with specific topics. The final objective is to gain a better understanding of the technological and social processes that led to the interweaving of the metallurgical know-how across the different Urnfield Culture societies in Europe.


  • Mining archaeology, copper ore processing and smelting technology
  • Exchange of raw metals and distribution networks
  • Metallurgical activities and finished products (settlements, graveyards and hoards)
  • Comparative studies (case studies, latest results)