21. November 2018 – 22. November 2018

Household archaeology in Old World Prehistory

An interdisciplinary approach

In the last decades, the theoretical concept of households and household archaeology has increased in importance. A number of archaeologists applied this concept aiming to gain more information about social structure, social organization and everyday life in past societies. The PhD research group ‘Households at the Dawn of the Bronze Age’ is working on the above raised questions in the context of Early Bronze Age Aegean and Western Anatolia. The interdisciplinary research group (DOC-Team) is focusing on questions regarding traces of everyday life, patterns of social hierarchy and social organization as well as on social networks and exchange.

The workshop aims to bring together specialists and young scientist working in the Aegean and Western Anatolia as well as experts of household archaeology in prehistory. The aim is to discuss concepts of social organization, household archaeology and the state of research for the time and region in focus and to bring more light into the social organisation of this nebulous period.