Meet OREA’s scientists at BE OPEN

Barbara Horejs hosts the „Pavilion of Archaeology“ at the BE OPEN science festival in September. Visitors can look forward to top-notch research, exciting activities and plenty of possibilities to engage with our scientists.

On its 50th anniversary, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) organizes the open air festival in Vienna. Together with the Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture (IKAnt) and Vienna’s Natural History Museum, OREA offers a diverse theme island revolving around human migration through 40,000 years of history.

Over the course of five days, our archaeologists will provide visitors with insights into their work and expertise: How did people obtain raw materials for their tools and weapons during the last ice age? How can we determine sex, age and origin of human skeletons discovered in ancient burials? Where and when were our farm animals first domesticated? And what personal stories can we discover when researching Roman legions deployed at Carnuntum?

Families, school classes and enthusiasts can find out how migration flows and human networks impacted everyday life in prehistory. Our visitors will have access to exhibits that are usually stored behind museum walls: millennia-old clothing of miners at Europe’s oldest salt mine Hallstatt and the 3D-reconstruction of a 30,000 year old double-burial of infants from the Stone Age.

Visitors are welcome to engage in discussions with our archaeologists and can take part in the activities designed by them: for example identifying sources of rock used in prehistory or types of ceramic vessels imported by ancient civilizations from hundreds of miles away. They will also be able to learn about state of-the-art analytical methods and interdisciplinary research projects.