Mycenaean Studies

The series Mykenische Studien (Mycenaean Studies) was founded in 1976 by Fritz Schachermeyr, the founder of the Commission for Mycenaean Research, later renamed the Mycenaean Commission. His aim for this series was to present to the public monographic studies and collections of new research results in the field of Mycenaean culture. After the death of Fritz Schachermeyr, the series was continued by Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy as an additional title to the "Publications of the Commission for Mycenaean Research" and "Publications of the Mycenaean Commission".  The Institute for Oriental and European Archeology (OREA) now publishes the series with a focus on Mycenaean language and culture.

The series editors are Eva Alram-Stern and Barbara Horejs, with copyediting by OREA. An international peer review process, coordinated and supervised by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, guarantees scientific quality.