Fritz Schachermeyr Collection

Fritz Schachermeyr (© OREA)

Among the possessions that Fritz Schachermeyr had collected during his lifetime, his assemblage of prehistoric ceramics was probably most dear to him. During the years when the laws of the countries concerned still permitted collecting of sherds, and later, when his reputation as the leading expert on Aegean pottery provided him with many gifts from the authorities of Greece and other countries, he amassed an extensive collection of ceramics from the Neolithic period to the end of the Bronze Age, covering the entire eastern Mediterranean. His assemblage was intended to be a complete teaching and reference collection for academic instruction as well as a foundation of historical knowledge.

Fritz Schachermeyr decided to pass on this responsibility, which includes around 2000 ceramic fragments and some whole vessels, to the then Mycenaean Commission. Attached to this legacy is the condition that the collection be made accessible to the professional world. Today, it is housed and managed by the Institute for Oriental and European Archeology, and available for study by colleagues, specialists and students. For visiting and studying the collection, pre-registration is requested.

(© OREA, photo N. Gail)



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