DIGital Documentation Lab

Research Outline & Aims

The research group Digital Archaeology addresses important questions related to the long-term preservation of research data and their dissemination for data sharing and re-use in future research projects. The activities of the research group span across all OREA departments and there are collaborations with several other OREA research groups and projects. The group represents an interface between archaeologists and technicians. Projects build on international research and standards in the field.

Our research objectives are

  • ensure long-term preservation of archaeological research data: background research, preparation and implementation of a repository for archaeological research data at the ÖAW-ACDH
  • develop strategies to overcome fragmentation of archaeological research data: creation of standardized research datasets from heterogeneous data typically resulting from traditional long-term excavation projects and from research in archaeological regions with different research traditions
  • make selected research datasets available open access online: creation of an OREA online platform to publish research results and data and make them accessible open access
  • preserve non-digital resources: digitising analogue OREA resources and archiving them in the repository if analogue materials are endangered (degrading of material)
  • contribute to the development of ontologies for archaeological data

Another aim is the improvement of data management practices in archaeology. We are also interested in the theoretical and social implications of increasingly digital research methods in archaeology and other disciplines. This includes e.g. possible changes in research practice of future generations of archaeologists as well as democratization of access to knowledge on a global scale through increasing number of open access online resources.