Donnerstag, 28. März 2019, 16:00

Archaeology, Communities and Protection

Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey (SARAT) Project

Işılay Gürsu (British Institute at Ankara)

SARAT is a three-year project funded by the Cultural Protection Fund (UK) and carried out in Turkey by the British Institute at Ankara. It aims at increasing capacity, and awareness for better protection and appreciation of archaeological assets through an integrated approach and four interconnected programs:

– Certified online education on ‘Safeguarding and Rescue of Archaeological Assets’

– Nation-wide public opinion survey looking into the relationship between the public and archaeology

– Workshops with journalist for increasing quality in archaeology reporting

– Interviews with antiquities collectors for raising awareness about the destruction caused by looting of archaeological objects   

This talk will discuss SARAT as a possible replicable template for similar initiatives in the future. It will also present a brief summary of the results of the public opinion survey which is one of the most comprehensive surveys ever conducted in this field, not only in Turkey, but also abroad.