11. Mai 2017 – 12. Mai 2017

Late Bronze Age Chronology and Connections in the Eastern Mediterranean

Workshop by Felix Höflmayer (OREA) and Katharina Streit (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

While disputes about absolute calendrical dates mostly concentrated on the Middle Bronze Age of the Levant or the Aegean chronology, dates for the Egyptian New Kingdom and the Late Bronze Age were regarded as reasonably secure. From the times of Amenhotep III onwards, synchronisms between the historical chronology of Egypt and the relative chronological frameworks of the Levant and the Aegean could be based on royal name scarabs found around the eastern Mediterranean as well as on Mycenaean pottery found in Egypt and the Levant. However, for the earlier parts of the Late Bronze Age in the Levant as well as in the Aegean, synchronisms are less certain and radiocarbon dating produced higher absolute dates than previously expected. In recent years, also the historical chronology of the New Kingdom has been challenged, and higher dates for the onset of the 18th Dynasty have been proposed. This workshop brings together specialists working in Egypt, the Levant, Cyprus, Greece and southern Italy, presenting new data on relative and absolute dating evidence, historical, relative and radiocarbon chronologies and their respective synchronisms.