05. April 2017 – 06. April 2017

“South Wind”

Late bronze age cultural phenomena and influences from the Adriatic region to the north

Workshop by M. Lochner, M. Gavranovic, K. Rebay-Salisbury, St. Gimatzidis

During the Late Bronze Age, the Adriatic Sea region has been culturally shaped within a continentalcentral European and north Italian or Balkan framework, rather than within the complex and extendedcultural networks that developed through the Mediterranean contact zones.The aim of our workshop is to shed light on cultural developments in the Adriatic Sea region duringthe Late Bronze Age and the intra- and supra-regional contacts within the Adriatic and its continentalhinterland, exploring their impact on regions further north as far as beyond the Alps and the CarpathianBasin.Regional material culture, settlement patterns, consumption habits and burial customs form the basesof our discussion on the agents of cultural interaction and the exchange of goods. We wish to scrutinizethe processes of appropriation of both material artifacts and ideas by investigating objects traditionallyregarded as evidence for cultural contact, as they help to understand the transformations of meaningsand values in their areas of influence.