Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018, 17:30

Tell es-Sultan/Jericho and Bronze Age Chronology

Radiocarbon Dating and Spacetime Vibrations

Lorenzo Nigro (Università degli Studi “La Sapienza” di Roma)

The absolute chronology of the Bronze Age (BA) in the Levant has been the object of important revisions in the last decades following the ARCANE Project and other outbreaking studies based upon new set of radiocarbon samples/datings or on new datings of old samples, as well as on updated calibrations of already acquired dates. These chronological grids have been overlapped to archaeological (stratigraphic) periodizations and new general chronological systems have been put forward and further corroborated by derived studies.

The re-appraisal of the case study of Tell es-Sultan/ancient Jericho, with more than 80 Bronze Age dates from well-stratified archaeological contexts, in the light of recent Italian-Palestinian excavations, and new sampling and C14 dating (measured by CEDAD Lab of Salento University, Lecce, Italy), provided useful insights into Levantine Absolute Chronology. Jericho dates and their settings from continuous stratigraphy covering millennia may be very instructive about how to use samples i.e. limits and possibilities of radiocarbon in archaeology. Moreover, they suggest a more cautious approach to various reforms of multi-based traditional chronology, which in many cases still seems more consistent with a comprehensive historical reconstruction of the Bronze Age in Syria- Palestine and Egypt.