Donnerstag, 07. Mai 2020, 17:30

Postponed! – Offering Tables from the Necropolis of Pepy I

Rémi Legros (Mission Archéologique française de Saqqâra, Laboratoire CNRS UMR 5189 [HiSoMA])

The French Archaeological Mission at Saqqâra discovered, during the work in the necropolis of Pepy I, many private documents which testify to the devotion of individuals towards the queens of this pharaoh. The offering tables and false door stelae constitute a corpus which today includes nearly 2,000 objects.

A study was undertaken in particular on the offering tables, of which several hundred were discovered in situ. These objects allow for a better understanding of the memory practices within the necropolis. The importance of this documentation also justifies a quantitative and serial study for the analysis of these artefacts as such. Numerous typological, palaeographical and epigraphical criteria allow us to now offer a refined dating for Saqqara's private documentation of this period. Indeed, a statistical series of these objects shows a continuity of occupation from the beginning of the 6th Dynasty until the extreme end of the First Intermediate Period.

During this lecture, we offer to present the ritual context of these objects, the methods used for dating as well as the main perspectives of research concerning history at the end of the third millennium in the Memphite area.

Illustration: Discovery of offering tables at the entrance of the complex of queen Behenu (© Rémi Legros)